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Mission Statement:

To be the leader in community and humanitarian service. To empower volunteers to serve their communities, meet humanitarian needs, encourage peace, and promote international understanding through the Lions Clubs Association. “We Serve” is more than a motto, it is our commitment to the Signal Mountain and Walden communities on the mountain.

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Club Meeting Program Schedule

2/14/2023        Valentine's Day - No meeting

2/28/2023        Jeff Duncan; Experience of his father serving in PT Boats in Pacific during WW II

3/14/2023        Elaine Brunell; Town Manager for Signal Mountain

3/28/2023        Darien Brevard and Michael Walton; Signal Mountain Scouts and our relationship with them 

Speaker Collage


Every month we will highlight an active committee of the club and give information on who is on the committee and what they do.

Program Committee

Chairman Earl Hereford

Active members: Kathy Ringler, Mitchell Johnson, Jim Fields, Mac Cauthen

The Program Committee is one of those committees that works behind the scenes and gets little recognition for all they do. They arrange for interesting speakers that make our meetings enjoyable. Read more about this committee by clicking the link below:

Program Committee

Welcome Sign Repair Complete


Recently, club members took on the project of replacing the cedar shingle roofs on the welcome sign and information sign on Signal Mountain Road. The signs were originally built by club members about 40 years ago and the roofs had lived out their lives and need to be replaced. With financial help from the Lions Clubs International Foundation in the from of a community service grant and funds raised by the club, we were able to purchase the materials needed. Lions provided the labor and did the work. This is another example of how the Lions serve the community.

Information Sign

The Alexian Model Train Is Up And Running

In December 2021 members of the club were asked to help move a model train layout from a basement room at Alexian Village to a 4th floor room in the main building. The train was originally built by several residents about 15 years ago and they have since passed away. Don Eigenberg became the "keeper" of the the train and contacted Lion Jerry Pala to see if members of the club would help move the layout. Jerry and Jeff Nuccio began disassembly in December and then got a group of Lions including Frank Kalinowski, Bill Leonard, Ralph Mann, Paul Jensen, Lee Prins, John Niemeyer and John Behrmann to move the layout out of the basement and to the new building in February 2022. Once in place, Don got members of the Chattanooga Model Railroad Club to reassemble the layout to get it going. It took many months of work and by November it was finally done. On December 10, Alexian hosted the Lions who worked on the project to a luncheon in appreciation for their part in moving the layout and making the train run again. It is an amazing layout and is now open for residents and guest to view.

Alexian Train 2022


Click link below to view Club Orientation Program presented at a recent Club Meeting.

Orientation Part I



Click link below to view a program presented at a recent club meeting about the Kid Sight Screening program by Signal Mountain Lions.

Lions Sight Testing


Click link below to view the Orientation Part II program about District & Multi District Operations presented at a recent Club Meeting.

Orientation Part II



Lion of the Month 

Ralph Mann

Meet Lion Ralph Mann

 Ralph has been a member of our club for ten years. He is a leader on the board of directors and is active in all club projects.  He is a true Lion and exemplifies the Lion motto "We Serve".

Read more by clicking the link below. 

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Fun Meeting

Lions meet twice a month for a short business meeting, to socialize and hear speakers on interesting topics.

Check the Calendar for more meeting details.

All are welcome!

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Lions at Work

Lions volunteer their time, talents, and resources to serve the community.  Recently they were asked to construct a building for the Signal Mountain Social Services that will be a place where people can drop off donations.
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Kid Sight Screening 

This is one of the most important services of the Lions Club.  Every year for the past 23+ years we have offered free eye screening for children from 1 to 6 years at the preschools in the community.  Using specialized handheld, portable, digital equipment, an image of the child’s eyes is taken (like a photograph).  The images are then sent to be analyzed by professionals at the Vanderbilt Pediatric Eye Center in Nashville.  If a problem is detected the parents are notified and recommendations for further follow up are made.  This is all free of charge and Lions provide funding for follow up care if needed.  If diagnosed and treated before the age of six many problems can be successfully treated.  If left untreated the sight problem could become a permanent problem.

Lions Share

 100% of donations to the Signal Mountain Lions go back to the community to support grant programs that allow us to help the local community and others on a larger scale and do more than they could on their own. 

Click here to see more:
SMLC Donations 2020-2021

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Shred Day

Lions offer Free Document Shredding twice a year - in the Spring and Fall.  This is a safe way to dispose of personal documents. 


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Christmas Train

Lions are the caretakers of the Christmas Train and with the help of town employees display the train for the Christmas season.  It is a popular place for children to play and to get a good picture made.

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Student Scholarships


Signal Mountain Lions award at least two scholarships to students who reside in the 37377 zip code and one to Leo Club member every year.  The scholarships pay up to $1,000 per year for four years to help needy students pursue their goals of learning at accredited schools. 

Click here to download Scholarship Application

Senior Services


Members of the club reach out to seniors in the community to offer various types of service from ride sharing to calling bingo at Alexian Village. 

Veterans Outreach

Signal Mountain Lions reached out to local veterans by forming the Signal Mountain Veterans Group.  Their mission is to foster a spirit of friendship and community among all veterans.  All are welcome.  We are inclusive of all military branches from all periods of service.

Click here to go to web page:

Lions BBQ



BBQ Crowd

Lions hold a BBQ event on the 4th of July and Labor Day every year to offer the community a place to come together for delicious food and fellowship. This is a great family orientated event for the whole mountain.


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Sight Services & Sight Restorations

Lions collect used eyeglasses for recycle and provide new glasses for those in need. There are six collection boxes at various locations on the mountain for people to drop off their used and unwanted glasses.

Leo Clubs



Lions sponsor Leo Clubs at the Signal Mountain Middle High School and the McCallie school. These clubs introduce students to the value of community service. Leos and Lions work together to make a positive impact within the community.

Annual Raffle 


Lions conduct an annual raffle to raise funds for scholarships, sight conservation projects and to support other community non-profit organizations.  This is the clubs major fundraising event.  


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Community Outreach


Lions support many local community organizations with hands on work and financial donations.   Lions understand we can achieve more when we work together.  Partnering with like-minded organizations is positive for both organizations and the community. 

Lions Club Network

Lions Clubs International is an association of individual clubs in 208 countries.  Here in Hamilton County there are 10 Lion Clubs.  In the state of Tennessee there are over 200 clubs.  The clubs come together for regular zone and district meetings to exchange ideas and network the resources of their world-wide organization. 

Members Networking

The Lions Club offers members an opportunity to network with other members and people in the community.  This is a great way to meet people and make new friends on Signal Mountain and beyond.  This often leads to long lasting relationships.  Members can post their business cards here.


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Team Spirit



Lions serve the community in many ways and have a good time doing it. From serving concessions at the football games to cooking BBQ on the 4th of July, the time together creates a solidarity among members that will last a life time.  

Turkey Sales 

Lions now roast turkeys for Thanksgiving.  These are whole 14-16 lb. turkeys that are slow roasted.  Moist and flavorful whole turkeys.  Best on the mountain.  Let the Lions cook turkey for your Holiday meal.

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